Plan the Perfect Winter Festival For Your Town This January

Anytime Ice Skating

January is the perfect time for towns to hold winter festivals. With the holidays over and months of the snowy season still ahead, people need something to look forward to during the first month of the year. Seasonal commemorations are popular with many communities because they are a great way to celebrate the area’s history and culture while showing outsiders all the wonderful attractions the town has to offer.

At Anytime Ice Skating we can help you plan a spectacular winter jubilee for your entire region. Whether your festival lasts a weekend, a week, or two weeks, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you host a truly unforgettable event.  For first time planners, here are some of the attractions you should include at your towns winter extravaganza.

Physical Activities

There are many wonderful and fun winter physical activities you can plan for your visitors during your village jubilee. Some of the most enjoyed include tobogganing, snow shoe races, skiing, snow boarding, ice skating, and sports tournaments. Snow football or soccer are always fun for everyone and hockey and ringette are popular seasonal games that draw big crowds. At Anytime Ice Skating, our non-ice rink rentals are the perfect arena for all your skating events. The acrylic stage offers hours of gliding on a smooth surface. With an iceless skating rink, you never have to worry about the ground chipping or becoming rough from use. The artificial platform is made of a durable synthetic resin, designed to withstand the ongoing movement of the skate blades so you are guaranteed hours of skating and game playing fun.

Other thrilling physical competitions you can host at your winter festival include tug-of-war challenges, snow maze races, snow person building challenges, and other wintery themed games like bowling, chess, twister, and relay races. Using natural coloring agents, you can create game boards, alleys, and other surfaces on the glistening snow-covered ground for endless hours of outdoor fun.


Festivals are not complete without exciting contests for your gathering to join in. They not only encourage participation but give contestants a chance to showcase their talents and abilities. When it comes to planning these trials, the sky is the limit with the type of friendly matches you can host. Some of the more popular ones include ice sculpting, coloring, photography, or drawing contests, physical challenges, and trivia games.  Offer exciting prizes to the winners to help motivate those wanting to join in the merriment.

Food and Beverage Tent

During your festival, guests are going to get hungry and thirsty. Setting up a canopied tent where they can sit with friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy good food and drinks will help them stay warm while refueling their bodies. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can provide you with the tent, furniture, and food choices so your crowds can dine on delicious food in comfort. Add live music to the venue to help entertain your crowd such as a live DJ or local bands. Other shows and professional entertainers can also be included to give your attendees something unique to look forward to.

Outdoor Attractions

One of the biggest draws to any winter gala is the outdoor attractions. There are many different arrangements you can set up to inspire your throng. Ice and snow sculpture gardens, historical monuments, carnival rides, non-ice rink skating, horse drawn carriage or snow mobile rides, and a seasonal market so crowds have plenty to see and do when they walk around.

Setting up the tent close to the iceless skating rink and other outdoor activity stations will give your participants a place to warm up and rest while taking a break from their wintery enjoyment. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can provide all the furnishings and canopies you need to ensure all your areas are adequately covered.


Start and end your festival with a fabulous fireworks display to really wow your audience. While your guests are standing outside or enjoying their time skating on our iceless skating rink, you can treat them to a captivating display of a brilliant skyline lightshow to open and close the festival. Fire works are a must have at any major event and your throng will love it.

January can be a difficult month for many. With little to look forward to but a month of cold and snow, hosting a town festival will help brighten their month while celebrating all the wonderful features your community has to offer. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have over 20 years experience helping villages organize superior annual events. We have a great selection of top rated rental equipment such as our non-ice skating rink rentals to cover all your jubilee’s needs.