What to Expect from a Synthetic Ice Rink Rental

Synthetic ice rinks deliver year-round skating fun for any event. Fall festivals, fundraising events, sports tournaments, and more can all benefit from a synthetic ice rink.

Synthetic ice rink rentals are not always a familiar thing, however. Many of our customers are not sure at first what to expect when they place an order. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised by what you receive, and can add on, to your rental.
Our synthetic ice rink rentals include help finding the perfect product.
Say you are planning a fall festival for your community. You know you want to offer ice skating and hockey tournaments as part of it. When you reach out to Anytime Ice, however, you do not know how much you need to budget, what size rink to get, or even whether you need more than one rink.

That is why, here at Anytime Ice, we offer assistance in finding the perfect product for your needs. We can accommodate your budget, crowd size, venue, and intended use to offer you the synthetic ice rink rental that will best meet your needs.
Our synthetic ice rink rentals include professional installation.
We emphasize safety with all of our rentals. Plus, we want to make your experience as seamless and as enjoyable as possible.

To that end, we always deliver the ice rink to you. Once at your desired location, our trained technicians assemble the rink for you. They ensure that it is working properly before they leave.

When it is time to take the synthetic ice rink down, we send our professionals again to complete the task. Thanks to this expert support, you never have to worry about technical details, safe setup, or disassembly. You just get to enjoy the freedom of ice skating regardless of the season.
Our synthetic ice rink rentals include safety training and support.
If the thought of running a large synthetic ice rink intimidates you, don’t worry. We do more than set up your rink and leave you on your own.

Part of the support we provide when we set up your synthetic ice rink is training in its safe use and operation. This safety meeting will include everyone involved in the event so no one feels confused or uncomfortable with the safe operation of the rink.

In addition, we also make ourselves available to answer any questions by phone during the event. You can run your ice rink with confidence, knowing we are a phone call away to help if needed.
Our synthetic ice rink rentals include the option of trained supervision.
However, not everyone is comfortable overseeing the operation of the ice rink themselves. Many customers don’t want to use resources and time to provide that supervision themselves.

That is why we are always happy to provide trained technicians to oversee the use of the synthetic rink during the event. For an added fee, this in-person professional support adds convenience and peace of mind to your rental.
Our rental options include rental add-ons
When planning your next event, you do not have to stop with the synthetic ice rink. Instead, you can add on rentals to create an entire day or evening of fun for your crowd.

We offer not just a single ice rink rental but an entire event’s worth of fun. By setting up your event through Anytime Ice, you save time, money, and hassle while guaranteeing a memorable time for all of your guests.

Some of the options we offer include the following:
Face Painting
Movie Screens
Carriage Rides
Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Tattoo Artists
Train Rides
And More
Our synthetic ice rink rentals bring the fun.
You have many options when it comes to creating the ideal ice skating experience for your next event. What all of these options provide, however, is fun. There is nothing quite like the thrill of ice skating. When you bring that thrill to a spring, summer, or fall event when no one expects ice skating, you deliver a unique and memorable experience.

Your crowd won’t just leave your next event with forgettable memories of an ok time. With a synthetic ice rink rental from Anytime Ice, they will leave with indelible memories of excitement, freedom, and fun from whizzing around our synthetic ice rinks. Next time you want this experience for your event, reach out to Anytime Ice.