Synthetic Ice Rink Installation: What You Need to Know

We find that people have lots of questions about synthetic ice rinks. What are they made of? (Some pretty high-tech plastic). How do they compare to ice rinks made of real ice? (Very well. So well, in fact, that you can do anything on a synthetic ice rink that you can do on a rink made of real ice). What are the advantages of renting a synthetic ice rink rather than using an ice rink made of real ice? (Cost, versatility, and the ability to skate in any type of weather, for starters). 

Some of the most common questions we encounter regarding our ice rinks, however, have less to do with what they are than with how to install them. 

Some people worry about having enough space, or the right kind of space, for their ice rink rentals. 

Some people, having encountered other synthetic ice rink companies, think that they can or should install the rinks themselves. That can be an intimidating thought when you are tasked with creating fun and safe events for a crowd.

The reality is that enjoying access to the joys of ice skating in any weather is neither difficult nor limited to those who have lots of space. Instead, the versatility of a synthetic ice rink, and the right rental company, make it possible to sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of a synthetic rink. 

Synthetic Ice Rink Installation: The Space

Customers don’t always have huge spaces to devote to ice skating. Even large festivals or other big events often have limited space due to the many other events going on as well. 

It is also often a reality that an event will not have enough attendees to make a big synthetic ice rink a practical investment. You want an ice rink that can hold your crowd, but you do not want to pay for square footage you will not use, either.

Our synthetic ice rinks mitigate the problem of space because they come in multiple sizes. You can rent rinks between 1,000 square feet and 4,000 square feet. That means you can accommodate smaller groups or big crowds, and you can utilize the space that you do have available. 

With multiple sizes, you can bring the joy and excitement of ice skating to your next event no matter how big or small your space may be. Just give us a call and let us help you find the size that is right for you!

Synthetic Ice Rink Installation: Indoors vs. Outdoors

Another concern we often encounter regarding the installation of our synthetic ice rinks is whether they should go indoors or outdoors. Customers sometimes worry about how the weather will affect the rinks. They sometimes worry that rain or snow will damage it or that heat and sunlight will wear it out.

The good news about synthetic ice rinks, and one of their biggest draws, is the fact that you can use them in any type of weather. You probably won’t be out skating in the rain, but your rink can be out in the rain. The only inconvenience that snow presents is needing to shovel it off the rink before you skate. 

Our rinks are even designed to weather the heat and the sun. Special UV protection means your rink will not suffer damage from direct sunlight. When it comes to installing your synthetic ice rink, you can have it set up outside with confidence. 

Outdoors isn’t the only option for installing your synthetic ice rink. You can also have your rink set up indoors. As long as you have the right surface, you can skate comfortably out of the winter cold and the summer heat by bringing your skating event inside. 

Synthetic Ice Rink Installation: Surface

Synthetic ice rinks may be a unique new way to add fun to your events, but it doesn’t need a unique surface for installation. We can install your rink on any surface, as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • The surface must be flat.
  • The surface must be level.
  • The surface must be hard. 

Many types of surfaces meet these requirements. Wood, marble, asphalt, concrete, and more all make suitable surfaces for the installation of synthetic ice rinks. 

Note that these surfaces encompass both indoor and outdoor surfaces. As long as the surface is flat, hard, and level, you can enjoy a successful installation of your synthetic ice rink, whether it is outside or not. 

Synthetic Ice Rink Installation: Professionals

When you rent a synthetic ice rink, you need to have it installed. This installation, while straightforward in some ways, may intimidate customers whose experience lies in creating an exciting event, not in putting together equipment. 

When you rent an ice rink from Anytime Ice, you never have to worry about how to install your ice rink. We will deliver and install it for you. 

This personalized service offers you a number of advantages. The primary one is safety. With professional installation, you can rest assured that your ice rink is set up correctly. That means that participants can skate safely, in the integrity and security of the rink.

In addition, professional installation of the synthetic ice rink saves you time and effort. Rather than needing to take time to pick up the ice rink and then set it up, you can focus on prepping for the fun while letting us do the hard work. Making your life easier is one of our goals when it comes to setting up your ice rink for your event. 

The installation of your synthetic ice rink comes with the added advantage of training in the use of the rink. This training ensures that everyone on your team understands how to use the equipment and can therefore ensure that it is used safely. 

Even after your ice rink is installed, you can access professional support. Call your event host with questions and concerns and access immediate support. You can even request a professional to help you with the equipment during your event. 

Synthetic ice rinks are the future of ice skating. It offers you a totally unique and fun way to enjoy ice skating at any time of the year. Now you can add ice skating to your Fourth of July festival, your parks and rec sports offering, and your community fall fest. 

When you choose to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to skate any time of the year, you can do so without worrying about installation. Setting up these ice rinks does not require a great deal of space. With multiple sizes, you can enjoy ice skating in the space that you have. The rinks can be set up inside or outside, and on any flat, hard, and level surface. 

When you choose an Anytime Ice rink, you enjoy access to professional installation. We will deliver and set up your equipment for you. We will offer safety training and access to professional support throughout your event. 

If you want to learn more about how a synthetic ice rink can benefit your next event, reach out to Anytime Ice. We can offer you a variety of fun inventory and the installation services you need to feel comfortable with your rink. Skate anytime of the year at any event with professional installation of our synthetic rinks that are versatile, safe, and fun for everyone!!