10 Ice Skating Party Games for Your Synthetic Ice Rink

With a synthetic ice rink, skating parties are now possible even if you do not own your own rink. Parks and rec centers can put on community skating events. Companies can gather employees for fun and team building. Nonprofits can hold fundraisers. The possibilities are endless.

During these events, you can amp up the fun by playing some icy games. Here are 10 ideas for skating games you can, and should, play in your synthetic ice rink.

Freeze Skate

Save the freezing for your party game, since you don’t need cold weather to enjoy your synthetic ice rink. Freeze skate is a great group game for adults or kids, so you can keep the whole crowd entertained.

Simply play music while everyone skates. When the music stops, everyone freezes. The last person to imitate an icicle is out of the game. The last person standing wins.

Skating Races

The only thing more fun than whizzing along the ice is trying to beat somebody else while doing it. Implement skating races at your next ice skating event. A synthetic ice rink offers a surface almost as smooth as regular ice for safe and enjoyable racing.

You can make it into a tournament, where winners race each other one is crowned the victor, or you can just hold one-on-one competitions. Either way, the chance to beat their peers in the rink will be an irresistible draw for your next party.

Gliding Competitions

If you want a game that is slightly easier for participants, you can make the races into gliding competitions. Whoever can glide the farthest after taking a few starting steps is the winner. Don’t forget prizes for the champions!

Tic Tac Toe

With a little creativity, you can turn your synthetic ice rink into an interactive tic tac toe board. Use 9 hula hoops to lay out the board. Divide participants up into teams, or allow individuals to play against each other. You can use different colored cloths or towels for the Xs and Os.

Participants skate to the board to drop their towel in one of the hula hoops. Whoever gets three towels in a row first wins the game. You can even make it into a race: Participants compete to see who can put their towels down in a row the fastest.

Obstacle Course

Test participants’ agility with an obstacle course. Unlike real ice, a synthetic ice rink will remain smooth during use. This makes it the perfect surface for a challenging obstacle course that does not become pitted and rough for subsequent participants.

You can make the course as difficult or as easy as you wish, depending upon the skill level of your participants. Just set up cones that people have to skate around. Use hockey sticks for participants to jump over.

You can set a time limit for completing the course, or simply let people complete it at their own pace. The winner is the first or the fastest person to complete the course.
Red Light, Green Light
This classic childhood game becomes a fun game for all ages on your synthetic ice rink. The leader should stand at one end of the rink, and the players should stand at the other. The leader shouts out “Red light!” “Green light!”.

Players skate or freeze depending on the color of the light. The goal is to be the first person to reach the railing on the opposite side of the rink. With the smooth surface of the synthetic ice rink and the need to stop and start quickly, this game becomes a slipping, sliding, and challenging way to enjoy the rink.

Skate Chain

A conga line on a synthetic ice rink becomes a fun game for kids and adults. Have everyone form a line with hands around the waist of the person in front of them.

Once everyone is lined up, start some music and skate slowly around the rink. Every time the line completes a loop around the rink, speed up the pace. Whoever lets go or falls down is out of the game. Whoever can hold on the longest wins.

Ice Volleyball

Volleyball doesn’t just have to happen on the sand. Play it on your synthetic ice rink with balloons and a net. Teams take turns balancing on their skates and keeping the balloons from hitting the ground on their side. The balloons prevent injury, and the challenge is ideal for kids and adults of all ages.

Do the Hokey Pokey

Ice skating games are fun in part because they allow you to do regular things on a more challenging surface. Take the Hokey Pokey, for instance. While typically a simple children’s song, it becomes a fun challenge for kids and adults alike on the ice.

Try it for yourself. Put on some music and watch participants try to keep their balance while putting their arms, legs, and skates in and out in time to the music. Hilarity will ensue, and your synthetic ice rink will be the focus of some unforgettable fun.

Sports Games

Finally, you can turn your skating party into an event to remember with sports games of any kind. Hockey and curling are the most obvious, but any sport you can play on ice you can play on your synthetic ice rink.

As the holidays approach, you have the opportunity to throw a memorable and fun party with one of our synthetic ice rinks. Add to the fun by playing any of these 10 simple but fun games.

When you need an ice rink that can help you out on a fun event no matter what the weather, consider a synthetic ice rink from Anytime Ice. Our rinks allow you to put on fundraisers, community events, parties, sports tournaments, and more. With the right rink and the right games, you can turn the holiday season, and any season, into the best season to skate.