Plan a Spectacular Valentine’s Day Dance for Your High School Students

Anytime Ice Skating

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us which means people young and old will be busy planning different activities to show their loved ones how much they care. For high schoolers, this love celebrating date is the perfect time to host a student led dance for all the hard working pupils. At Anytime Ice Skating, we’re ready to help you host a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day dance for your youngsters. Our non-ice rinks can be easily incorporated into your venue to turn your area from a fun place to a truly magical dance hall. Add an enchanting theme to your evening and your guests will be completely mesmerized by the festivities.

Iceless skating rinks create a beautiful stage to glide and dance across.  Adding one of our arenas to your senior student’s ball will create an unforgettable experience to your hearts day party theme. When planning your high school’s Valentine party, these top themes will easily win student body approval.

Rose Bowl

Roses are a popular flower on February 14th and with their vibrant colors, they also make an excellent theme for a heartwarming social gathering. Add rose petals to the table tops under acrylic heart and flower figurines. Decorate the room by adding red rose shaped cut outs, to your walls, banners, wreaths, and floral arrangements. Intertwine 3-D rose decorations with clear twinkle lights to create an elegant, romantic setting. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can incorporate our non-ice rink rental to your rose bowl themed dance to create a dreamy stage so your crowd can dance and glide the night away.

Candy Hearts

If you are looking for something more fun and lively while still keeping with the Feb 14 trend, candy hearts are the perfect display. Hang 3-D candy hearts on your walls so your guests can read positive messages anywhere in your room. Fill hurricane glasses with pastel heart candies and display them on the tables for a fun table setting. Decorate the doors with candied wreaths and add colourful lights for an animated evening of entertainment. Using red lighting, host a spot dance on the iceless skating rink, start a conga line, and host amusing couples’ dance-off competitions to create a sweetly jubilant occasion.

Valentine’s Masquerade

Masquerade balls are fun any time of the year and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Your young couples can enjoy finding matching masks while all the singles can create their own dynamic facial covering. Add elegant decorations with balloon arc ways and glitzy, heart shaped backdrops for a mysteriously romantic setting. Add dazzling lighting around the iceless rink boards to create a glamorous stage for the couples to dance the night away.

All That Glitters

Jewelry, diamonds, and other glistening gems are also popular during Valentine’s celebrations. They also make a perfect back drop for all your holiday décor. Using red, gold, and silver glitter, design gorgeous heart cut-outs in different sizes to hang on walls, dangle from the ceilings, add to wreaths, and connect to create a glistening garland. Incorporate vibrant jewel shaped pieces to create a gem of a venue. Using big, red and white balloons, create a romantic heart shaped arc way for you guests to enter your dance area under. Attach sparkling hearts and jewels in various sizes to complete your entranceway and photo prop.

Hang glittery, oversized gems and heart shapes on the inside and outer boards surrounding the iceless skating rink so your students can enjoy being surrounded by beautiful holiday shaped decorations while gliding smoothly around the acrylic arena.

Red and White Ball

We are familiar with the traditional black and white themed balls. For your love day dance, make your formal gala a red and white event. Invite everyone to wear their finest rouge and ivory attire while your dance hall is adorned in the most glamorous red, white, and pink décor. Using reddish lighting, create a magical stage on our non-ice rink rental for your young couples to move around on.

This Valentine’s Day, host a fabulous dance for your high schooler’s with our help. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have the perfect stage for your romantic evening. Our iceless skating rinks add a dreamy touch to your February event.