Plan the Perfect Spirit Week At School With Anytime Ice Skating

Anytime Ice Skating

Has your school hosted your spirit week yet? Now that the winter holiday season is over, many schools are getting ready to plan their week long festivities. This five-day celebration is designed to bring fun and togetherness to your school or college. This time of year is a great time to host your fun events because with the busy winter holidays finished for another years, staff and students need something to look forward to.

If your student body has not set their entertaining activities yet, now is a great time to get organized for five days of fun and games. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you host a fabulously unforgettable spirited week at your educational institution.  Our non-ice rink rental and other accessories are guaranteed to add extra fun to your traditional entertainment plans.

During the five-day in-school party planning you will need to set a theme for each day. Once the tempo has been decided for each day, you can start planning exciting games and other activities to coincide with the costumed ideas.   At Anytime Ice Skating, we’re ready to help you plan some truly thrilling dates for your pupils to enjoy.  These top trending themes will keep the spirit alive and thriving well after the five-day funfest ends.

Beach Day

When it’s cold outside, bring the heat inside with a delightfully colorful beach day. Invite everyone to wear summer clothes, sandals, sunglasses, and summer hats. Add colorful floral decorations beside outdoor beach chairs and umbrellas. Plan a barbecue serving all the favorite hot season foods while hosting a superior beachless volleyball tournament. Student and staff teams will keep the crowds cheering all afternoon. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can add lively seasonal games and catered meals to complete your fun in the summertime sun theme.

Decades Day

Almost everyone is fascinated by the fashion, style, and trends of the past.  Pull out the poodle skirts, psychedelic patterns, disco shoes, and neon, big hair styles from the previous decades and have fun reliving the days of glory and big hair. Host a dance to celebrate the music from the pupils’ parents and grandparents time. Your group will have a blast while celebrating the past. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you set up snack machines, a DJ, and glow sticks to help complete your dancing event. Because skating was an exciting activity enjoyed by previous school agers, add our iceless rink rental to your festivities for a truly thrilling event. Imagine the excitement everyone will feel when they glide and rock to the tunes in bell bottoms, sixties letter jackets, and eighties shoulder pads.

Alien Day

Do you ever wonder what a school filled with extra terrestrials would look like? Your alien day theme will show you in the most delightful way. Host contests to see who can design the most original costume and watch as your students creativity shines through. Host an out-of-this world moon walking space expedition and treasure hunt by turning out the lights to your area, adding green screen effects on one of the walls, and a fog or bubble machine to complete the effects.  At Anytime Ice Skating, our non-ice skating rink offers and excellent moon-like platform for your space explorations.

Twin Day

Twin day is always highly anticipated by the faculty and student body. Get into the spirit of the day by dressing in identical costumes with your partner during this twintastic themed date. Add two person competitions like three-legged racing, mirror exercise games, pairs dancing competitions, and two-person relay races. Our non-ice skating rinks are the perfect arena to host your pairs racing events.

Sports Day

Almost everyone enjoys athletics. End your week with a fit and fabulous sports day. Invite everyone to wear their favorite team jersey or sporting uniform and enjoy a day of physical fitness competitions, group exercise activities, and team tournaments. With a non-ice rink from Anytime Ice Skating, you can plan numerous physically entertaining fitness focused adventures your whole crowd will enjoy.

If your school has not already held their Spirit Week yet, now is the perfect time to start planning your five days of morality building fun. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you host an unforgettably exciting event for your staff and students. Our iceless rink and other rentals will help create spectacular activities to compliment your themes.