Host An Unforgettable Campus Party Before Students Head Home For The Holidays

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Winter vacation is just around the corner and for many college students, that means going home to see their friends or family. Before the students leave for the holidays, gather everyone together for a festive celebration. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you throw the best pre-holiday gathering for all your college students.

Our acrylic ice skating rentals are the ideal arena to hold a day of fun, food, and merriment for all the excited pupils. Set up a celebration spot in a common area of the college for the party to take place. Add lighting, holiday decorations, and surround sound audio equipment to help create a lively place that will keep the gathering entertained all day and night.

At Anytime Ice Skating, we’re experts in post-secondary event planning. We can help you organize a spectacular gala that no one will soon forget. Our iceless rink rentals are only part of the services we provide. We are a one stop party planning shop, ready to meet all your functions needs.

Our non-ice skating rinks are great for energetic groups who are looking for something fun to do with their closest pals. Once the arena is in place, there are numerous activities you can plan, including game tournaments, recreational scrimmages, individual and team racing competitions, dance-athons, a freestyle skating for all to enjoy. We have skating rentals for anyone to borrow so no one will feel left out of the fun.

Add games, inside and outside your venue to amuse your group. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have access to the most popular gaming activities for the academic crowd to enjoy including life size Jenga, human foosball, bowling, miniature golf, and life size soccer.  The rentals are all made with the highest quality materials and exceed all government regulations. At Anytime Ice Skating, we continually offer the safest and most entertaining rental products on the market. We can help you choose the right activities for your festivities.

We can set up tables and chairs inside so your party-goers can warm up while socializing with their classmates. Serve food offered by our professional catering service to satisfy your hungry group. We have some of the best chefs in the state ready to prepare the perfect dishes for your day. We can help you with the menu selection so every feels completely satisfied with their dining choice.

Crank up the tunes as the sun goes down to really get everyone in the holiday spirit. Those who do not want to skate can enjoy dancing the night away on a portable dance floor. There is nothing more magical than moving freely to the music under a starry sky. Our lighting systems will compliment Mother Nature’s natural display to create a truly magical outdoor space.

Keep your crowd moving with the latest and festive tunes played by our professional DJ. Using the most sophisticated audio equipment, the tunes will be heard clearly in every area of your festive zone.

Serve drinks and tasty snacks with our concession stations through the evening so everyone can keep their energy levels up; after all, none of your patrons will want to not miss out on any of the fun. At Anytime Ice Skating, our easy-to-use concession machines will be a highlight at night when your throng gets the munchies.

Before most of your college students head home for the holidays, treat them to a festive party at campus. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have iceless skating rinks to help add amusement to your date. But we also have access to so much more. With over 20 years experience, we can help you host a truly unforgettable on-site festive gala for your pupils to enjoy before they head back to their homes for the winter break.