Top 5 Team Building Activities You Can Plan At Your Workplace

iceless skating rinks

Planning team building events are crucial in today’s hectic corporate world. Boosting morale in the workforce is essential if you want to keep your employees happy, healthy, and more productive. At Anytime Ice Skating we are ready to help you plan your next superior team building day for all your staff. Our iceless skating rinks are just one of the many stages you can use to host fabulously fun group team building event for your employees. If you are looking for exciting ideas to improve your company’s work environment, these top five activities will easily build a better team in your workplace.

Skate Day

At Anytime Ice Skating our iceless skating rinks are the perfect arena to host a fun skate date for your colleagues. Gliding on a smooth surface brings out the joy in almost everyone. Once we set up the non-ice skating rink, you and your crew can enjoy a day of races, team sport competitions and freestyle skating sessions while our live DJ plays all your favorite tunes. Add a hot chocolate bar and a catered luncheon to complete your team skating day.


Bowling is a fan favorite that anyone can play. Set up teams of four per alley and spend a few hours sending the balls down the alley towards the waiting pins. The sounds of the of the balls rolling down the alley and the pins falling will delight everyone. When your crowd gets hungry, satisfy their appetite by serving soda and pizza in between games.

Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are not just for kids. Adults can have fun figuring out each clue to find the treasures that lead to the next clue. After delegating teams of four or five, give them a sheet of clues and watch as they work together to try to find all the items on the list. Once everyone finishes scavenging for the items, serve a light meal of finger foods and beverages while everyone bonds over their experiences. Scavenger hunts are a great way to stimulate the brain cells while promoting team work.

Games Day

Games are a fun way to bring people together for a little friendly competition. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can set up a variety of fun gaming stations for your groups to play including life size Jenga or Kerplunk, miniature golf, Yardzee, inflatable archery, and the always popular 9 Square in the Air. If you are looking for something a little bigger, Human Foos Ball or bowling are just as thrilling to watch as they are to play. Organize a pot luck in between the gaming sessions by inviting your coworkers to  bring their favorite dish.


For employees who enjoy a more hands on activity, STEM is the perfect event for your team building day. STEM is a highly popular way to educate students by combining science, math, technology, and engineering. It also makes a great moral boosting exercise for your thinking crowd. Using every day materials, encourage your teams to develop creative projects based on the STEM approach. Serve a catered meal to your hungry crowd to complete your team building day.

Planning regular team building days in your workplace is important in today’s corporate culture. Not only do they bring your staff closer together by showing your employees how much you appreciate them, but they also help your colleagues feel happier and more productive at work. At Anytime Ice Skating we can help you host an unforgettable team building date for your staff. Our non-ice rink rentals are just one of the many rental options we offer for your team building exercises.