Help College Students De-Stress With A College Campus Skate Party

Anytime Ice Skating

Being a college student can be stressful, especially near the end of the term when there are assignments, lab work, reports, and exams to complete. Adding to an already busy schedule, many post secondary academics have jobs, families, and other responsibilities to manage in between their classes. But you can help them relax and unwind by holding a college campus skate night party. At Anytime Ice Skating we have the perfect arena for your students to lace up and glide around on all evening.

Our iceless skating rinks are the perfect stages for skating fun. Plan an all day event so everyone has a chance to participate in the fun. At Anytime Ice Skating, we’re ready to set up a rink on your campus grounds for staff and students to enjoy.  We are experts in rink installation and will help you find the perfect outdoor spot to install your iceless skating rink rental.

Skating is a fun sport that you can enjoy anytime of the of the year. Once the non-ice skating rink is set up, student can lace up their blades and enjoy gliding along the smooth surface. For those who do not have their own ice skates, we have rentals that we can bring so no one is left out.

It’s Fun

There are many benefits to holding a skating party for your college registrants. First, it’s fun. Skating is a wonderful activity that everyone can enjoy. And with one of our iceless rink rentals installed, you can host a variety of free skating, races, team sports tournaments, and a skate dance. Your have many options for planning your big event on one of our non-ice skating rink rentals.

No Experience Necessary

You do not have to be an expert to enjoy the merriment and joy of gliding around on an acrylic skating surface. No matter how much or little experience you have had on skates, you can still strap a pair of blade to you booted feet and relish in moving around on the smooth surface.

Socializing and Networking Opportunities

Skating parties provide the perfect place to socialize with teachers and other students. Networking with your peers is a great way to make new friends while getting to know fellow classmates in a different, more relaxed setting.

Good For Your Health

Ice skating is good for your physical, emotional, and mental health. Not only are you doing a wonderful cardio and muscle toning workout, but you are improving the flow of nutrient rich fluids in your internal tissues so you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.


Skating is a fabulous way to lower stress and anxiety levels. During exam time, students have a lot more stressors to manage. Iceless rink skating helps lower their stress because the physical fitness promotes the promotion of the happy hormones while gliding with other peers promotes natural socializing opportunities. During exam time, college skating parties offer a great way to relax and have fun.

At Anytime Ice Skating, we can assist you in supporting your college students during this hectic time of the year by helping you organize a college skating party. We are experts in non-ice skate party planning and are ready to  assist you with all your college party planning needs. Our iceless skating rinks are the perfect venue to host your college party. Add food, drinks, music, and lighting to your space for a fabulous fun event that all the students and faculty can enjoy.