Plan A Fabulous January Birthday Party with A Non-Ice Skating Rink

Anytime Ice Skating

January can be a challenging month for planning birthday parties. The unpredictable weather makes it difficult to organize many outdoor events. Most community and recreation centers are unavailable because they are busy with their own scheduled events. Finding free space at a convenient time to enjoy a day of sporty fun creates another obstacle.

At Anytime Ice Skating we can help solve your party planning needs. Our iceless skating rinks are the perfect platform for you day of birth celebrations. Our non-ice rinks are easy to set up and can be installed anywhere with a large enough flat surface to hold the rink. This can include back yards, fields, parks, parking lots, warehouses, or gymnasiums.

There is no need to limit your facility renting options when we can help you turn any indoor or outdoor place into the perfect festive setting. Once our non-ice rink rental is set up, you can get the party started with a day of gliding themed fun.

Rinks are excellent back drops for many great celebration themes. Sports, movies, favourite characters, and place exploration are just some of the designs you can set up for your child’s big day.  If your tot is an avid sports enthusiast, organize a hockey themed event. Buy different colored jerseys and host a lively hockey game party for the group with miniature Stanley cups for each player.

Skate with Olaf and his royal friends on a blue and white Frozen arena. The group will have a great time gliding on the smooth surface while the movie’s soundtrack plays in the background. Add an extra thrill by playing the movie on a large inflatable screen near the iceless rink so the group can enjoy watching the delightful characters in this musical Disney classic.

Create a baron, icy area and watch as your little ones explore the vast, open spaces of the Artic. Polar bears, penguins and other winter loving animal characters can dance around the ice berg themed arena with your northern trekking team. Make cardboard icebergs to surround the rink and add stuffed animal characters, tunnels and a beautiful Northern Lights display for a uniquely arctic, exciting party theme.

Movies are fantastic party ideas that are also amusing on a non-ice rink rental. Skate with Darth Vader and the last Jedi, follow Gru and his minions on their next caper, or ask Wonder Woman and he super friends to join in the action while gliding on the glistening surface.

With an iceless rink rental from Anytime Ice Skating, you can easily organize an unforgettable birthday celebration easily at any location. We will help you set up one of our rinks at your chosen venue. After decorating the place, add tables and chairs, party themed bouncers, costumed characters, face painting and craft activities to your day for an outstanding festivity.

January might be an unpredictable month, but that does not mean that you have to struggle or stress when it comes to planning your child’s age changing day. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you organize a spectacular party with one of our iceless rink rentals. Let your imagination soar with ideas for a truly unique and memorable day using one of our non-ice skating rinks as your backdrop for your event.