Plan An Unforgettable Halloween Party for Your School

Anytime Ice Skating

Halloween is less than two weeks away, is your school ready for it’s Spooktacular celebrations? At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you with all your last minute planning needs. October’s bewitching celebration is just as exciting for adults as it is for children, so many school’s take advantage of the festive occasion to host a fabulously thrilling boo-fest. And with over twenty years experience in the event planning business, Anytime Ice Skating is prepared to help you plan your best party yet.

Start by turning your gymnasium into a life size haunted house using oversized inflatable characters, creaking doors, hanging streamer walls, life-size cob webs, ghastly guests, and haunting music. Add a little black light  magic and your guests will have a howling good time.

Outside the gymnasium, set up one of our non-ice rink rentals so your guests can enjoy doing the monster mash with their costumed friends on an acrylic skating surface. Our iceless rinks create the perfect stage for your ghosts and goblins to glide around on. At Anytime Ice Skating, we will even provide skate rentals so everyone can enjoy the outdoor entertainment.

Between the iceless skating rink and school doors, create a delightfully spooky graveyard with hidden zombies and skeletons to give your crowd a frightfully fun path to walk through when passing from one area to the other. State-of-the-art surround sound audio equipment and live DJ can be included so inside and outside, everyone can enjoy the music. Imagine the joy your guests will feel while skating on a non-ice acrylic rink rental in Indiana to all the hop Hallowed Eve tunes.

Inside the gym, set up new and classic Halloween games such a bobbing for apples, Halloween darts or ball toss, mummy bowling, pumpkin beanbag toss, touch if you dare, and pumpkin patch miniature golf. In one corner, create a creepy jungle using orange, yellow, and black pool noodles. As your troop try to make their way through the trenches, ghosts, witches, and mummies can jump out to give them a delightful fright. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have many accessories and carnival games to add to your festivities. Your crowd will be delighted with all the gaming and entertainment options.

Satisfy every participants appetite with delicious Halloween themed treats like eyeball tacos, spooky cheese shapes with crackers, Witch’s hat vegetable platters, mummy wrapped wieners, bloody deep fried cheese  fingers, ghostly fruit kabobs, and graveyard pudding cups. Wash everything down with the perfect witch’s brew punch. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you with all your snack planning needs. A full catering service and easy-to-use concession machines will keep your group energized all night long.

This Halloween, host an unforgettable school party for your staff and students. At Anytime Ice Skating, our iceless skating rink rentals provide a superior stage to entertain your crowd. Add other fixtures and accessories for your interior and exterior settings. It’s not too late to plan the most unforgettable Halloween party for your school with the help of Anytime Ice Skating.