Plan an Unforgettable Annual Town Party This Summer

ice skating

Summer is a popular time for small towns to hold large events. Music or film festivals, founder’s commemoration days, monumental historical anniversaries, and farming related jubilees are highly anticipated community gathering that everyone living in and around the region look forward to.

But with any large celebration, there is always plenty of planning and preparation involved to make sure everything goes as it should. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you with all you party preparation needs. We have decades of experience planning large scale town events and will happily help you with your communal celebrations. We know that your festivities will go all day and possibly all weekend. We can help you set up a variety of stations and entertainments to easily amuse your crowd for the entire duration of your ceremony. One of the most entertaining features is our non-ice skating rink rentals in Indiana. These acrylic skating rinks are perfect amusements for any large gala.

But we can also help you with so much more. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you in other areas of your preparation planning as well. We have been in the event rental and planning business for over 20 years. With our expertise, we can help you arrange all the furnishings and entertainments you will need. We can set up tables, chairs and canopy tents for your farmer’s market, crafting tables and dining area. We will also work with you to arrange game stations, entertainers, a DJ, and variety of entertaining inflatable playhouses and interactive activities.

One of the more popular activities used at many large-scale events is our acrylic non-ice rink rental.  Our iceless skating rinks are exciting arenas where eager athletes can enjoy gliding on the smooth sheeting for hours of physical fun. At Anytime Ice Skating our temporary ice rink rentals in Indiana come in different sizes and can be easily set up in any field, parking lot, roadway, or large indoor center.  Our professional installers will come to your town prior to your big date to assess and measure the surface so you will get the most suitable iceless skating rink for your venue.

For large gatherings where lots of guests want to enjoy the carefree fun of gliding on the rink, our iceless skating rink rentals in Indiana are the perfect accessory for your whole community event. Your crowd will have a delightful time dancing and playing team ice sports during your annual festivities.  Add a DJ to the area to give your space extra energy. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have a supply of skates rentals so everyone can enjoy their turn on the acrylic rink rental in Indiana.

During the next couple of months, many towns will be gathering their folks for an annual summertime community event. People from neighboring villages will be joining your neighbors to take in all the celebrations of your highly anticipated party.  At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you with all your event planning needs. We are experts in organizing large events with over twenty years in the party rental industry. Our non-ice skating rinks are a high demand accessory for many town celebrations. We can set up the right temporary skating rink at your gala so your throng can enjoy a favored past time during your gala.