Host a Fabulous Olympic Size Birthday Party for Your Young All-Star

Anytime Ice Skating

The winter Olympics are less than two weeks away. If your little one is an athletic superstar, then why not celebrate their special day with a fabulous Olympic size birthday party. At Anytime Ice Skating, our iceless skating rink rentals provide the perfect setting for your super celebration.

Start by decorating the entranceway to your party venue with the Olympic ring symbol and a banner announcing the special event. Add blue, black, green, yellow, and red streamers, rings, and lights to honor the Olympic colors. Start the fun by inviting each guest to design their own personal Olympic team shirt that they can take home at the end of the party. Using fabric paint, markers, stencils, and glitter, watch with joy as the tot’s creativity shines with their own personalized creation.

Start your festivities with a fun game on the non-ice rink rental. Depending on your group size, you can create two or more teams to join in the friendly competition. While the other players are waiting for their turn at the gold, let them enjoy other thrilling competitive activities, including racing each other through an inflatable obstacle course. Many courses have two lanes so multiple participants can run, dodge, duck, squeeze, climb, and slide through the brilliantly designed inflated courses.

Set up another station for your young athletes to test their ball tossing skills at an inflated sports arena. There are many designs and sports themed inflatables to choose from to meet the needs of your hosts likes and your venue’s size accommodation.

Using inflatable water noodles, design hurdles and have your group race each other down the man-made track. You can create many fun pro running events for your kids to compete in.

Once everyone has burned off their energy, feed them a meal fit for an Olympic athlete. Tables and chairs can be rented to meet the needs of your group mass, so you do not have to purchase or try to find enough seats for everyone. Decorate your furnishings with the five Olympic colors to match the rings with festive table clothes and runners. Add torch style centerpieces and blue, yellow, black, green, and red plates, cups, and utensils.

Serve your group hero sandwiches, a gold medal pizza, meat and vegetable torch colored kabobs, five ring vegetable platters, a podium shaped cheese ball, chili dogs, yellow, red, green, black, and blue fruit cups, and cheese and vegetable sticks torch cones. Fruit punch is the perfect beverage to wash the meal down. Rather than toil in the kitchen creating all these mouth watering dishes, hire a catering service to make the meals for you. Caterers only hire the best chefs to make the tantalizing menu items. They have a great selection and can do all the work, so you can enjoy all the entertainment.

Once everyone has finished eating, serve a mouth watering gold medal athlete decorated cake with edible medals and ribbons along the sides of the delicious sweet treat.

After the dining is finished, invite everyone onto the iceless skating rink rental for a lively group skate. Play the top tunes or hire a DJ for all your music needs so you can enjoy skating with the clan.

An Olympics themed party is a perfect way to celebrate your all-star’s birthday while incorporating a monumental international competition into your festivities. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have non-ice rink rentals to help you with your party needs.