Host a Fabulous Fall Fundraising Hockey Tournament for Your School

hockey iceless skating rink

Fall is a popular time when many schools host fundraising activities. By now, everyone is settled into their classes and learning is in full progress. As the holidays are approaching, everyone is starting to feel the season’s cheer, and the desire to be charitable is more heightened, it is the perfect time to incorporate the festive warmth with the desire to help your local school ‘s programs.

At Anytime Ice Skating, our portable rinks are the best activity to have at your fundraising event. With a non-ice rink rental, you can quickly organize a hockey team or ringette tournament for your community children to participate in. Sporting activities are great money raising activities because everyone enjoys a lively athletic competition.

Organize student ice playing groups, then set a schedule up and let the competition begin. Your crowd will have a great time watching the school-agers play against each other in a merry challenge. Our portable iceless rinks make it easy to organize any skating activity. They are easy to set up and can be placed on any field, parking lot or other flat surface.

The iceless rinks can be incorporated with other thrilling enterprises to keep your crowd happy. In between the hockey fun, set up other fundraising activities including bounce houses, carnival games, face painters, and tattoo artists to help thrill your crowd. You can add prizes and trophies to extra incentives.

Non-ice rink rentals are great platforms for novice and expert skaters. They have many uses including game playing or recreational skating. In between games, a DJ can play the top tunes while your families enjoy recreational gliding to their favorite holiday tunes. Hold random contests to keep the excitement going while everyone enjoys moving gracefully on the smooth surface.

With our non-ice skating rinks, you never have to worry about the weather or the condition of the ice. The arena bottom is always in perfect condition for your athletic endeavors.

Add a craft sale or a bake sale to help accomplish your fundraising goals. At this time of year, it is easy to sell crafty items and homemade desserts because everyone is looking for that special something for their holiday events. Selling handmade products is a great way to include the families and friends in the money raising event.

Concession stands are an excellent add-on because your crowd will get hungry throughout the day. Snack making machines will quickly satisfy their hunger with edible, easily made treats. The snack machines require little time and effort to create the yummy edibles so there is minimal prep time or mess.

At Anytime Ice Skating, our iceless skating rink rentals are superb foundational units for your fall fundraising activities. You can quickly set up a gaming tournament to raise funds for your school. The portable rinks can be used alone or with other rental products to create a spectacular money raising festival.

Incorporate the holiday cheer and good will with your school s charitable efforts this fall by hosting a thrilling gaming event for the whole community. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can set up one of our portable non-ice rinks to help you host your big event.