Host a Spectacular Military Themed Event With These Top Entertainment Options

Anytime Ice Skating

We recently celebrated Memorial Day to honor people in the military who have served our country. Whether you are planning for your congregation, staff, community, or neighbors, we will help you organize an unforgettable Military themed event at any time of the year.  At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you with all your party planning needs.

To make your day a success, you will need decorations, entertainment, food, furniture, and of course, people to share in the festivities. We can assist you with all the material preparations, so you will have no problem attracting the crowds. We can get some of the most popular Military themed rental activities for your group size, venue location, and personal wish list designs.

If you are looking for exciting play areas for your celebrations, these options are at the top of the list.

Bounce Houses

Inflatable bouncers are always a success. They are simple to set up and popular with children and parents. There are many military and hero themed playhouses to choose from that will easily fit in to your event décor. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you choose the best inflatable rental for your group.

Interactive Activities

Interactive rentals offer rip roaring thrills for the adventurous group. Many styles are best suited in large outdoor areas, so if you have a lot of open greenspace to fill, these rentals will easily help meet your gathering’s needs.

Classic Family Games

If you remember participating in relay games, three-legged or potato sack races, and scavenger hunts as a youngster, then you will know just how delightful these activities are.  Enjoy a party filled with traditional favorites that are just a popular today and they were yesterday. Perfect for the family get togethers, these lively races are easy to set up and are can be played anywhere.

Life-Size Games

Life size games such as human bowling, Foosball, soccer, Jenga, Operation, Twister, or Hungry Hippo are bigger versions of the best classic gaming activities. Person designed amusement sets are excellent for indoor and outdoor use so if the weather changes for the worse, just bring the fun indoors for a dry, safe and equally thrilling time.

Iceless Skating Rinks

Non-ice rink rentals provide hours of skating fun for the physically active groups. The acrylic surface can easily withstand the movements of your skaters’ blades while feeling like real ice under the feet. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you find the perfect place to set up a non-ice skating rink, so your guests can enjoy hours of mobile entertainment. Add DJ music for a complete, lively and inviting activity.

Outdoor Movie

Inflatable outdoor movie marathons are a great way to add excitement to the occasion. Show the top flicks or classic commemorative shows to your group. Lay out blankets, outdoor chairs, and body pillows for a comfortable and relaxing time in front of the big screen. Serve delicious movie snacks and drinks to complete the experience. Large, outdoor movie showing surfaces are excellent for afternoon and evening events, so they can be the focal point of your party or included in your entertainment package.

Create a spectacular festival with all the best activities for your gathering. At Anytime Ice Skating we can help you organize the perfect festivities for your church, company, or community gathering. We have everything you need to host an unforgettable celebration or event.