Host A Fabulous Winter Wonderland Birthday Party this August

Anytime Ice Skating

August is a great month to celebrate a birthday. No matter how young or old your star will be, there is plenty to do during this final month of summer. If you’re looking for creative party ideas to recognize their special day, why not host a fabulous winter wonderland themed celebration.

Admittedly, most people do not want to think about winter in the summer. The cold, blustery, snowy weather is still months away, and for some, the further away it is, the better.

But just because you don’t want to see the cold season anytime soon, doesn’t mean that you can’t host a thrilling wintery style birthday party.  At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you organize the best celebration marking your loved one’s birth. Our iceless skating rinks will add a dynamic level of fun and excitement to your event.

Non-ice rinks provide hours of endless fun for the avid ice skating enthusiasts. Even those who have never tried this great sport before will enjoy strapping on a pair of blades and gliding along the un-iced surface.  Arenas provide a whole new level of fun to summer parties.

Hire a professional DJ to host the skating fun and your guests will have a blast moving to the top tunes and participating in icy dance contests.  Add prizes to the competitions for an extra bonus.

Decorate your area with blue and white banners, wreaths, garland, and table settings for the perfect winter season colors. Add snowflake shaped lighting and ornaments to hang from trees, fencing, your home siding, and other furnishings for a complete frosty look.

When your guests want to take a break from skating, let them enjoy a variety of fun craft making activities.  Spin art or sand art stations will let their creative imaginations run wild while designing each beautiful, unique masterpiece.

No-sew sock snowman crafts are easy and popular with youngsters. Fill a sock with rice or beads, add a scarf, hat, buttons, and a face for a truly artistic moment. Not only is this a great crafty project, but the guests will enjoy taking their creations home afterwards.

Frame games also add extra thrills to larger gatherings. You can choose different gaming stations that best suit your theme.

Photo booths with green screens create fun memories. Add wintery props and background scenery for festive, delightful pictures. With the magic of green colored screens, accessories, and computerized imagery, each photographic keepsake will be very personal and different from the last.

When everyone gets hungry, serve them an array of delicious dishes including mini meat pies, a snowman shaped cheeseball with crackers, snowflake shaped sandwiches, white chocolate dipped strawberries, cranberry brie pull apart bread, grilled cheese fingers, and blue fruit punch to drink. Add a hot/cold chocolate beverage station so attendees can make their own drink. Finish the meal with a snowflake shaped cake made of vanilla cupcakes and blue icing.

Afterwards, encourage your guests to continue the party with more skating and a turn whacking a wintery shaped piñata.  A snowman, snowflake, or skate shape paper treat holder is the perfect vessel to hold hidden treasures.

Winter is still months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a wintery themed birthday party this August. At Anytime Ice Skating, our iceless rinks add a unique level of excitement to summer celebrations. Our arenas are easy to set up and come in different sizes to suit your available space size. Your guests will be thrilled with the fun these non-ice skating venues offer. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you host an unforgettable event.