Get Ready for Hockey Season This Fall Practicing on a Non-Ice Rink

hockey season

Many athletes have started pulling out their hockey gear in anticipation of the upcoming season.  For some, getting back on the ice is a little rough the first few times, especially if they are novice skaters.  But practice makes perfect and now is a great time to spend extra time refining your abilities. With Anytime Ice Skating, you don’t have to wait to lace up the skates, you can start now.

At Anytime Ice Skating, our iceless rinks are the perfect place to start getting ready for the new winter sport year. Our non-ice surfaces make it easy to practice your skills. Our arenas can be installed anywhere and are easy to set up. At parks, community centers, large fields, and backyards, these skating arenas can be built to create your own personal hockey place.

What better way to enjoy the game than outdoors while the weather is still nice. You can invite your friends and family over to enjoy a day of scrimmage hockey or practice your stick handling, shots on net, slap sticking and foot work so that you are ready to go back on the ice.

Iceless rinks are great to use anytime and for any event. Whether enjoying a day with friends, hosting a birthday party, or gathering the family for a fun reunion, non-ice surface rinks are the perfect rental to plan a good-hearted tournament.

Who says you must wait to bundle up and play in the cold, winter schedule. Our iceless arenas can be set up any time throughout the year.  They offer a great activity to do outside so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and your best sporting game at the same time.  You and your group can don your jerseys and take advantage of the beautiful fall weather by enjoying a friendly tournament in your backyard. Add a barbeque or potluck to turn your practice into a fun fall skating party.

At Anytime Ice Skating, our expert staff can help you set up and organize your hockey event. Our rinks are easy to build and can be installed within a short period of time. We will gladly do all the work while you and your teammates enjoy the game.

Enjoy preparing for your favorite sport with our portable non-ice rinks. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you enjoy this wonderful activity all year long.