Enjoy Ice Skating Family Fun Under the Hot Sun

ice skating

Summer is officially here! The kids are finished school and many parents are, or will soon be taking their holidays.  During family vacations, many groups enjoy getting together with their kin for family reunions, barbecue parties and long weekend celebrations. Add extra excitement to your summer event by setting up an iceless skating rink.

Ice skating doesn’t have to be enjoyed only during the cold winter months. Our portable rinks let people enjoy this exciting activity year long.

Non-ice rinks are a great backyard accessory that adults and children can enjoy. Perfect for any large or small group gathering, the four-season arena can provide the perfect entertainment for your summer events.  Enjoy recreational gliding or create teams for a friendly game of hockey or ringette. The entertainment options are endless with our unique year-long activity.

But you don’t need to stop there.  Enjoy your summer celebrations with a variety of fun games and interactive activities with a variety of entertainment options. Inflatable bouncers and interactives units can keep the kids happy while spending quality time with relatives. On hot days, inflatable water slides and splash pads are as refreshing as they are fun.

Relation gatherings can be made even more exciting with fun gaming activities and accessories to help entertain the group. Team games like laser tag, tag football and lawn sports are perfect ways to include all guests in the fun.

Summer time is the perfect season for fun family celebrations. Adding exciting activities to the event is the perfect way to entertain your kin. Iceless skating rinks allow avid enthusiast time to enjoy their favorite sport even during the hot, summer months. The arenas can be set up in backyards, parks, sports courts, fields, and other spacious areas.

Anytime Ice can help you enjoy this dynamic sport while celebrating summer with family. Enjoy recreational skating or an exciting team competition with our thrilling, and easy-to-set-up iceless skating rinks.