Celebrate Spring by Hosting A Fabulous Carnival Fundraiser

Anytime Ice Skating

Now that spring is well under way it’s time to start planning those fundraisers. Whether you are a community group, non-profit organization, or a care facility, monies are needed to support programs, buy equipment and further develop your community inspired goals. And what better way to raise that extra cash than by hosting a charitable carnival. At Anytime Ice Skating, we have the perfect non-ice rink rental unit for your full day festival.

With the warmer, longer days, almost everyone is getting out of their buildings to reconnect with their neighborhood and surrounding natural environments. Outdoor events are eagerly anticipated for the winter weary tenants. Hosting a fun for everyone event is a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons while raising much needed moola for your work.

Start your festivities with air dancers and large banners to announce the fun to everyone who passes by. Once people start coming through your entrance, entice them with thrilling games and activities to amuse and engage each group. Add prizes and other treats for an extra thrill and your crowd will never want to leave

Continue with the entertainment by adding one of our non-ice rink rentals to the occasion and you are guaranteed to have a fabulous day. Our iceless skating rinks add a superior level of excitement to your fundraiser. Because the surface is made of durable acrylic, you do not need to wait for the colder weather to enjoy a public skate. Set out extra skates for people to rent, and a DJ to play the best billboard tunes, and your throng will be thrilled with the opportunity to glide around the arena to the music.

For those who don’t want to skate, there are plenty of games and interactive activities you can host so there will be something for everyone.

Give your throng lots to cheer about with carnival games and face painting stations. Kids love getting animated artwork painted onto their skin so having someone available to provide the service will be an instant hit. Add nail and tattoo artists to complete the list. Caricature artists can mingle with the crowd, drawing animated pictures of the party-goers as they walk by.

Have food booths set up so your throng can enjoy tasty treats when they get hungry. Popcorn, candy, sandy candy, and sno cones are must haves at any carnival. Serve large menu options for a sit-down meal later in the day. The famished participants will appreciate the opportunity to socialize with friends and family over a delicious meal. A professional catering service can offer different menu options, so you will have several meal options for your guests to choose from.

When the DJ isn’t playing his top tunes, entertain your dinner crowd with a live band. Many local talents would embrace the opportunity to play at a large event.

End the day with karaoke, a photo booth, and fireworks. Your population will revel in the merriment set up to bring in the funds for your charity.

This is the perfect time of year to organize a fundraising carnival. No matter what business, school, church or non-profit you are seeking donations for, a carnival is guaranteed to be a great success. At Anytime Ice Skating we have years of experience helping groups host charity events. We will help you host the biggest and best fundraiser of the year.