4 Spectacular Fundraising Ideas for Your Non-Profit Agency

Anytime Ice Skating

Non-profit agencies face many financial challenges throughout the year. One of the biggest issues continuously facing charitable organizations is finding much needed monies to run their programs and provide the essential services to their community. Regardless what type of not-for-profit place you operate, cash is needed to stay open. At Anytime Ice Skating, our iceless rink rentals are the perfect arena to host your fundraising activities.

Now that everyone is returning to work and school, it is a great time to plan your money raising events. With the weather still warm, people are eager to participate in outdoor activities for as long as they can. While walk-athons and marathons are popular events, our non-ice rink rentals in Indiana offer something more unique and exciting for your charitable event. Not sure what type of fundraiser to host? Try one of these options.


Invite participants to lace up for the ultimate challenge to see who can skate the most laps around the rink. Set up a DJ to play the best tunes to help motivate the skaters while they are gliding around the rink. Raise moola by asking everyone to collect pledges based on the number of laps they glide . This family-friendly activity is great for all ages.


If you want to add a little more energy and excitement to your day, host a dance-athon. Ice dancing on an acrylic rink is even more thrilling than gliding on cold ice surfaces and adds an extra layer of thrilling moves. Add spot dances, group dances or flash mob movements to create an unforgettable day.

Olympic Races

Winter Olympics host many ice related races and relays for athletes to compete in. During your fundraiser, contestants do not need to be pro’s to join in the competitive fun. Offer group, individual, age ranges, and skill level challenges on the non-ice skating rink so skating enthusiasts have options when signing up for the different competitions. Offer prizes to all races for extra incentive.

Sports Tournaments

There are many sports you can enjoy on an iceless rink rental. Hosting a one-day or weekend sports tournament on an acrylic skating rink rental in Indiana is a great way to bring the community together for your great cause. Athletic tournaments are always highly popular and well-received events to help raise money for good reasons.

At Anytime Ice Skating, we are experts in helping non-profit places raise money for their services. We have helped plan many large scale fundraisers and, with over twenty years in the rental business, we have the knowledge and skills to help you host a successful and unforgettable event.

Our iceless rink rentals come with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art acrylic surfaces for people to glide on. Our arenas can be installed on any flat indoor or outdoor surface. At Anytime Ice Skating, we will measure your area first to ensure you have the right size rink rental and will install the structure prior to your event. We also have skate rentals available for anyone who does not have their own pair of ice blades.

We can also offer other rentals including bouncers, carnival games, face painters and other entertainers, interactive rentals, life-size human inflatable games, concession machines and a full catering service to help add more attractions to your money raising bonanza.

This fall, plan a spectacular fundraising event for your not-for-profit agency with an iceless rink rental in Indiana and the professional services of Anytime Ice Skating.