Host a Spring Day Camp for the Neighborhood Kids at Your Local Community Center

Anytime Ice Skating

Spring break is a great time for kids, but not all parents feel the same way. While the week off school is a welcome vacation for teachers and students, moms and dads must find different activities or places to keep their kids occupied.

Community centers can help entertain the children in a safe, fun environment with a Spring Break Day Camp. Setting up different daily events will help keep the kiddies busy and the parents happy.

At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you organize an entertaining Spring Kids Camp for all the school agers in your neighborhood. Hosting a variety of amusing games will keep the week off thrilling for the youngsters, and less stressful for the parents. We have extensive experience organizing large scale functions and can help you develop a five-day schedule with different entertainments for the children to participate in.

Day One

Start by setting up one of our iceless rink rentals. The real ice might be melting but our acrylic surfaces never lose their shape. Non-ice skating arenas provide hours of excitement for all age ranges. There is plenty of fun you can set up with a non-ice skating rental. Host a tournament or schedule free skate times so your group can utilize the arena all week.

Start the first day with a lap competition to see who can skate the most laps during the week. Offer prizes for each number of rounds the participants complete to help give the youngsters something thrilling to work towards.

Day Two

Ice skating isn’t the only thing tots enjoy doing. On the second day, organize a games time for your crew by assembling different gaming stations throughout your center. Board, frame, and carnival game offer a unique time of skill testing, merry challenges, while playing their top pastime. Offer tasty treats like popcorn, cotton candy, hotdogs, and sno cones and your crowd will feel like they are spending the day at a miniature carnival.

Add different selections and prizes to suit all interests and skill types. Your campers will have a blast trying to win a treat while playing the different amusements.

Day Three

Bounce houses and interactive inflatable units are delightful adventures designed to help little ones develop their physical skills on a safe, animated structure. The vast selection of inflatable playhouses will make it easy to choose ones that fit well with your space and age categories. Set up freestyle fun or lively races for a day of bouncing joy.

Day Four

Craft making and baking days are always great merriments. Children enjoy making personalized artwork to take home and yummy foods to eat. Include craft and cooking station times with free skating on the iceless rink rental for a day of complete enjoyment.

Day Five

End the week with a pyjama day, movie marathon. Play the kiddie’s favorite flicks while offering popcorn and other delicious snacks to munch on throughout the day. Your entourage will have a wonderful time spending the day playing with friends and watching the big screen in their pj’s.

Spring break is a time when kids get to enjoy a week away from school. But it can also be a week of extra stress for the busy guardians, especially if they do not have time off work to spend with the youngsters.

Hosting a Spring Break Day Camp at your local community center is a great way to gather all the neighborhood children for a week of thrilling fun and games. Add other gaming structures and activities to your day fest and the children are guaranteed to have a great experience throughout the week. At Anytime Ice Skating, we can help you plan for the full five-day festival with our non-ice rink rental and other entertaining programs. We are experts in planning large scale events and will help you set up a full week of entertainments for all the children in your community.